Saving Lives Through Safer Surgery

At Lifebox, they believe that everyone is entitled to safer anaesthesia and surgery. So patient by patient, hospital by hospital, country by country, they're closing the pulse oximetry gap.

The biggest reason we would love people to donate is that it can make a difference... You can saves lives
— Dr Atul Gawande

the pulse oximeter

The machine that goes beep - the secrete to surviving surgery in a little yellow box.  Whatever you want to call a pulse oximeter, two things are certain: it makes surgery safer, and its missing from more than 70,000 operating theatres around the world.  

The pulse oximeter is a small devise used to measure a patients oxygen level during an operation.  It can also demonstrate the patients heart rate and provide information about ones peripheral perfusion and thus indirectly the blood pressure. It is a vital piece of intraoperative monitoring that saves lives.

Each pulse oximeter costs £160 to purchase and distribute. Help us raise a pound for every mile we cycle (£9000) in order to help Lifebox purchase 56 new devices and save the lives of thousands of people.


Your donation allows us to help Lifebox to not only purchase and distribute pulse oximeters but also to educate anaesthesia providers on its benefits and limitations.  

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