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Just watched your blog and I am so inspired! What you two are doing is amazing and for such a fantastic cause. Looks super tough but that scenery I guess makes it totally all worth it and gets you through all the tough times. Hope you get to the end of your challenge with those wee smiles still on your faces x all of ICU Crosshouse will be super proud of you X
— Jennifer Howie, April 2016
Just watched your latest blog, it’s amazing. The scenery is spectacular, I don’t know where you get your strength from. It looks like you are having some tough times, coping with the cold and wind but glad to see you are also meeting nice people, you will have so many fantastic memories of this trip. Good luck to you both, stay safe xx
— Catriona McArthur, April 2016
I’ve retired now, but still able to pick up emails from the department. Glad I was able to get this one and see your wonderful photos.
Keep safe and have a great adventure. Feeling more than a touch envious!
— Dr Bill Mair (Consultant Anaesthetist and ICU), April 2016
Just want to say that we all thinking of you and missing you guys in London. Hope you guys are having fun in South America?
I’ve been liking your photos on Instagram and on Facebook the place you been to look so amazing. Just keep safe and talk to you again soon xxx
— Lylah Kabali (Little Sister), Feb 2016
Wow, the page and the videoblogs looking great. Hope you¨ve had a good start after amazing Torres del Paine.
We wish you all the best and hope to catch up somewhen in Europe.
Greetings from Bolivia :)
— Karsten Lara
The blog was amazing, scenery was fantastic. Looks like you have had some tough moments but hopefully it can only get better. Keep up the good work, well done guys, love Catriona xx
— Catriona McArthur
Besides that you were some really friendly, social, sportive and nice people to meet, you also turned out te be excellent film makers. It was great to meet you in Punta Arenas and we hope we will see each other again. It is a great thing you do, with a really interesting goal. We wish you all the best and good luck! We are looking forward to your new videoblog.
— Boris and Leonie (The cool Dutch - Punta Arenas)
What a fantastic adventure. Hope the knee’s healing up well. The video’s are beautifully put together. Much love x
— Dr Tom Ruffles, February 2016
Hello both, sorry to hear about your injury(who is injured btw) I am loving your video blog - you are both sooooo inspirational - keep going and know that you are being thought of and prayed for. Love Mary x
— Mary Howley
This is fantastic, it looks really tough, as you said very industrial, I hope you meet your target, you both deserve it, an amazing cause. I will look forward to all your updates. As usual, take care in the road. Xx
— Catriona McArthur
Yet again excellent work on the blog, I’m feeling very guilty sitting at home with my central heating on!! Looks pretty bleak where you are, I hope that knee injury heals up soon, we’re behind you every spin of the wheel
— Christina McDaid
Awesome first video. I had a tear at the ending. This is an adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy be safe . It was natural and interesting and sometimes pictures tell a good story , rather than speaking. Looking forward to the next one.
— Kim Stewart, November 2015
Really enjoyed watching your blog, can’t believe this is a first attempt at video blogging for you guys, it’s very professional!! Looking forward to part 2, take care xx
— Christina McDaid, November 2015
There are some people in this world who push the boundaries both physically and mentally and having read what you are both about to embark on I can honestly say you two are certainly doing that! I didn’t realise the extent of what you were doing or why and I’m seriously blown away. I feel totally honoured to have shared a “grit” class with you now. Wishing you both the very best of luck and look forward to following your progress on your website. Enjoy it as much as you can but take care and most importantly stay safe! X
— Annette Rankin October 2015
Dear Reza & Laura, wish you guys the best of luck in this amazing adventure. Looking forward to keeping up to date on this website. Lets give you guys a great farewell in Brighton!! Lots of Love
— Dr Hamid Abboudi & Dr Emma Luke, September 2015
Website looks great you guys. Especially like the picture from Dumyat!!! I hope you both have enjoyed training so far and we will smash these next few weeks.
— Daniel Jackson, September 2015