cycling the length of the andes mountains

The Andes mountain range is the longest in the world spanning 7,242km from the rugged peaks of Patagonia to the northern shores of Venezuela. It crosses seven countries alongs its length with an average altitude of 3962m.

mount aconcagua

The highest point along the Andes, which is also the highest point on the American continent and that outside the Himalayas, is Mount Aconcagua.  Standing proud at a  staggering height of6962m, it is the second highest mountain of the seven summits, surpassed only by the great Mount Everest. 


Our expedition

Our bicycle expedition will start in Ushuaia, the most southerly town in the southern hemisphere in late October 2015.  We will traverse the length of the Andes using only our strength and determination, finishing on the northern shores of the La Guajira peninsula, Colombia. En route, we will attempt to summit Mount Aconcagua and stand atop the American continent.


We plan to use this unique opportunity to raise money for Lifebox: A charity founded by leaders from some of the worlds highest regarded professional and public health organisations which primarily focuses its attention on making surgery safer across the globe.

pulse oximeter

One of Lifebox's projects involves donating pulse oximeters to medical teams in developing countries with active involvement in educating healthcare professionals in its uses, benefits and limitations. 

The pulse oximeter is a small devise used to measure a patients oxygen level during an operation.  It can also demonstrate the patients heart rate and provide information about ones peripheral perfusion and thus indirectly the blood pressure. It is a vital piece of intraoperative monitoring that saves lives.

We aim to donate the money raised by our expedition to Lifebox for the continued purchase, donation and eduction of these devises.  Furthermore, we hope to be part of a distribution and education project due to be initiated in Peru in Spring 2016. We will keep you updated!

Read more about Lifebox and pulse oximeters on our Lifebox page or visit they're site at