our other videos

These videos were  made at various times on our journey and for various different reasons. They are in different styles and for different purposes.



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We made this short movie whilst in Rio Grande, an industrial town in Tierra del Fuego, Southern Patagonia.  We had left Ushuaia only 5 days prior and on reaching here, Reza sustained the start of a long term knee injury. We decided to wait and rest for 2 weeks in order to give his knee time to recover, but unknown to us at that time, it would take 8 weeks in total before complete recovery! During this time, we met a group of people, all staying at the same guest house.  Unlike touristic places, the guest houses in this town were occupied by long term residents working in the surrounding factories.  During our 2 week stay, we explored this windy, metal-clad town and made this short video (practising with our editing software) with the help of our new friends (November 2015). 

help bring pacha home


Whilst cycling in through a remote village in Peru, we came across a small puppy who was close to death due to malnutrition.  We decided to adopt her and named her Pacha - which means Earth in the local indigenous language.  In order to be able to bring her home to the UK, we needed to raise £3000 (or else leave her in South America) and so we started a #bringpachahome campaign (on GoFundMe.com) to raise the funds.  We made this video to tell people about how we came across our puppy, how much money we needed to raise and why it cost so much.  We raised the whole total within 48 hours - which was unreal!  Here is Pacha's story (January 2017).