Region de magallanes

punta arenas to puerto natales

8th january

los andes hotel to puerto natales

Only 32km but the headwinds again making it difficult.  Plan to stay here for 2-3 nights as we have already visited the Torres Del Paine national park.  

7th january

morro chico to los andes hotel

Strong head winds again so really slow and hard cycling.  There is a cafe - Rio Rubens - about 34km from Morro Chico which does great food (hamburgers, Milanesa...) but a little expensive.  Camped just past the exclusive Los Andes hotel and watched beautiful sunset behind the mountains.

6th january

villa tehuelche to morro chico

A tail wind made progress really fast.  There is only a police office here with a disused hut which we were able to camp in - which offers protection from the wind.  The police officers offered us water which was cool.

5th january

petrol station to villa teheuelche

A very strong head wind made this section difficult.  Arrived at this small village exhausted and luckily there was warm food and a small mini-market - but it is expensive.  It was difficult to find somewhere to stay but eventually managed to stay with the fireman. 

4th January

wild camp1 to petrol station (lago blanca)

Another easy 30km cycle. Wind started to pick up so got shelter at a petrol station with cafeteria just past the cross road. They had an empty shed to put the tent up which kept us out of the wind.

3rd january

Punta arenas to wild camp1

A short 20km cycle after 6 weeks of injury. Camped in a nice park close to the airport.