los lagos

futaleufu to pucon

9th april

chilean border to pucon

After the border its all downhill for 20km and then pretty flat.  There are more roadside cafes to stop by  - which is nice after having to eat most of the food at the border due to customs laws.  There were even cycle lanes and cycle safety signs along this road so traffic was very respectful.  Pucon is lovely but touristy so prices are higher than they should be.  Similar vibe to El Bolson and San Martin.     

8th april

juinin de los andes to chilean border - volcan lanin

From Juinin, the road is pretty desert-like but there is a river that follows the road so water is not an issue.  Its tarmac until the last 10km of the border which becomes very soft ripio - it took us nearly 2 hours to cover the last 10km due to soft soft tracks and more uphill!  The border crossing here is also much more official than previous crossings (remember to eat all your fresh food or you'll have to throw it away) - it took us nearly an hour to get through on the Chilean side.  The tarmac road starts almost straight away on the Chilean side and there are lots of wild camp places on the right side of the road.  We camped 2km from the border.    

7th april

san martin de los andes to juinin de los andes

A short day to Juinin.  Juinin is not nearly as nice as San Martin - its more run down and dirty but has its own charm.  We stayed in a small guest house which was well overpriced - being so close to San Martin, the prices here are inflated.

5th april

villa angostura to san martin de los andes

This is one of the most beautiful roads we have cycled.  Stunningly beautiful and with not too much traffic.  Lots of wild camping opportunities by lakes and rivers.  We had to make it in one day which was pretty tough going but if we had time, 2 or even 3 days would have been great.  There were not too many places to buy food so come prepared with enough food.  About 21km from San Martin, there is a small village with a shop.  The last 16km is all downhill!  San Martin is much more chilled and relaxed compared to Bariloche - a much better place to hang out.

4th april

s.c bariloche to villa angostura

Once out of the traffic of Bariloche, there is a desert road around the lake which becomes more lush as you travel.  It is hilly but really beautiful.  Although no places to eat, there are about 3-4 campsites on this route - all on the road and near the lakes. There are also lots of wild camp places too.  We wanted to get to the town so kept going.  Villa Angostura is a pretty little town but a little expensive!

2nd april

wild camp to s.c bariloche

More climbing to start the day but once over the pass and the lakes are in view, its nice rolling hills and cool places to stop by the lakes.  Not many places to buy food but the lakes offer lots of water if needed.  Traffic builds closer to Bariloche but once in town, its ok. Bariloche is nice but pretty commercial - especially when coming from the more relaxed El Bolson.  Had to stay an extra night to update the website.

1st april

el bolson to wild camp 1

After 2 weeks of chilling out, drinking lots of beer and eating great food we hit the road - very slowly!  The road climbs out of El Bolson - and continues to climb for 30 continuous kilometers!  It was a tough start after a long rest.  But it is beautiful.  There is a small town (not on our map) 50km from El Bolson which has roadside cafes.  We camped 10km later on the mountain - very cold at night with ice on the tent in the morning.  Once the sun is up - its nice and warm again. 

16 march

wild camp 2 to el bolson

Once out of the desert, we arrived to Epuyen in the morning and had breakfast here. Almost out of water in the desert - but from here there are lots places to eat (almost every 1-5km there is a cafe) for the next 40km.  One final climb before El Bolson.  We stayed at Caso de Odelie, which was super chilled and relaxing. We felt right at home and stayed for 2 weeks to make the videoblog.  El Bolson is also very chilled, lots of places to relax and eat and lots of amazing hikes.  We could have stayed another 2 weeks easily.

15th march

wild camp 1 to wild camp 2

More desert cycling towards El Bolson. Quiet road but very hot.  Hardly any streams or water sources.  We camped in the pampa with am amazing sunset.  In the morning, we were down to our last litre but with only 30km to the next town, it was not a big deal.  

14th march

trevelin to desert wild camp 1

A busy road from Trevelin to Esquel but once in Esquel, traffic dies down.  Lots of places to stock up in Esquel - and as there are no more places to buy food/water for a couple of hundred km, we took lots of water and supplies for the desert road towards El Bolson. A steady, not too steep climb out of Esquel and into the desert we went. Eventually, we found a small river with fresh water - but there are not many to be seen! We camped beside this small stream.

13th march

futaleufu to trevelin

After an amazing 2 weeks with friends around Futa (and Parque Pumalin), we were back on the road.  From Futa, there is tarmac all the way to the border but once into Argentina, its ripio all the way to Trevelin.  We didnt know, but about 30km after the border, there is a small cafeteria!  We stopped about 5km before and had our sandwiches - would have been nice to have a cold drink too. The road is not so good but the tarmac re-starts at the town.  Not many places to stay in Trevelin - there is a campsite and am expensive hotel.  Would have been better to camp just outside.